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thomson reuters, the world's leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, today announced the following new products and services. (all products and services are available in english only) reference manager

thomsons website is the company provides a free version of endnote called notebook that is designed to help people get started with citation management. the notebook website is thomsons note citation management software, endnote, is also available on cd-rom or as a download from thomsons website. a cd with the latest version of endnote (x7) is available at the checkout counter at most of the major bookstores. it is also available from the msk library.

to learn more about thomson reuters online e-book services, you can read thomson reuters digital editions. thomson reuters digital editions offers students, faculty, and librarians a fully integrated cloud-based solution to create, access, and manage e-books. with digital editions, you can: create and personalize e-books from your research find e-books to purchase or borrow easily create citations using thomson reuters' endnote and reference manager navigate to your books using the new e-book website, with a personalized library share e-books using social networks easily manage e-book permissions to keep your collections secure

clarivate analytics, the parent company of endnote, now offers reference manager, which is a cloud-based, web-based, citation management application. endnote users can migrate to reference manager with a few clicks. reference manager works with endnote and refman, clarivate analytics citation maker, and the other clarivate software products. 3d9ccd7d82


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