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Sibyl Fendley

Gf Begs For Your Cock During No Nut November (2...

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I am lacking one crucial information: Did he edge himself during that time or did he not touch his cock at all during all of November Because I think that makes a big of a difference. I did the latter for around two weeks after daily wanking for several years and almost came from the rubbing of my cock against my shorts, it started twitching like I was already on the point of no return.Second question: Why did you decide that you want him to come inside of you and not on any other spot for example your mouth Or is this the plan for this years NNNNext time you could add a prostate massage with your fingers beforehand to produce even more spunk. I once received one and almost drowned the lady as she could not keep up swallowing while I came. Happy new year! 59ce067264


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