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Aaina Hindi Movie Download Kickass


Aaina: A Mirror of Love and Betrayal

Aaina is a 1993 Hindi romantic drama film directed by Deepak Sareen and produced by Yash Chopra and Pamela Chopra. The film stars Jackie Shroff, Amrita Singh and Juhi Chawla in the lead roles, with Deepak Tijori in a supporting role. The film was a blockbuster hit and solidified Chawla's career as a leading lady in the 1990s. Singh's performance in a negative role was highly appreciated and is regarded as one of her career-best performances.

The film revolves around the love triangle between Ravi (Shroff), Roma (Singh) and Reema (Chawla), who are sisters. Roma is an ambitious and modern woman who leaves Ravi at the altar to pursue her dreams of becoming a film star. Reema is a shy and traditional woman who steps in to marry Ravi to save the family's honor. Ravi eventually falls in love with Reema, but Roma returns to claim him back. The film explores the themes of love, betrayal, sacrifice and family values.

Aaina was remade in Telugu as Aayanaki Iddaru (1995), in Tamil as Kalyana Vaibhogam (1997) and in Kannada as Yare Nee Abhimani (2000). The film's music was composed by Dilip Sen and Sameer Sen, and the lyrics were written by Sameer. The film's songs were popular and included "Yeh Raat Khushnaseeb Hai", "Dil Ne Dil Se Kya Kaha", "Goriya Re Goriya" and "Aaina Hai Mera Chehra".

If you are looking for a classic Hindi movie that will make you laugh, cry and feel the emotions of the characters, then Aaina is a must-watch. You can download Aaina hindi movie from kickass torrent site using this link: Enjoy watching Aaina hindi movie and share your feedback with us.

Aaina is not just a love story, but also a story of two sisters who have different personalities and aspirations. Roma is a confident and ambitious woman who wants to make it big in the film industry. She is willing to sacrifice her love and family for her career. Reema is a simple and sweet woman who values love and family more than anything else. She is ready to sacrifice her happiness for her sister's sake. The film shows how their choices affect their lives and relationships.

The film also showcases the contrast between the modern and traditional values of Indian society. Roma represents the modern woman who is independent, career-oriented and self-reliant. Reema represents the traditional woman who is dependent, family-oriented and self-sacrificing. The film questions the stereotypes and expectations that are imposed on women by society and culture. The film also explores the role of men in women's lives and how they support or hinder their dreams.

Aaina is a film that will touch your heart and make you think about your own choices and values. The film has a powerful message that love is not a competition, but a bond that can overcome any obstacle. The film also teaches that happiness is not a destination, but a journey that can be shared with your loved ones. Aaina is a film that will make you appreciate the mirror of your own life. 248dff8e21


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