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Download Annamaria Pinter Teaching Young Language Learners Pdf


Download Annamaria Pinter Teaching Young Language Learners Pdf

New for this version: Organized incorporation of suggestions related to technologies across all chapters Discussion of current styles in the field of training young students, including CLIL, online studying, problems of assessment, 21st centuries abilities, and methods of giving children more company in their language understanding A new part on intercultural consciousness for young learners Up-dates to research and practical good examples, and fresh jobs An prolonged final part on class room research, total with revolutionary concepts for investigating with children.

This book focuses on ethical and methodological issues faced by researchers working with young language learners in formal school contexts. It uncovers and explicitly discusses a range of ethical dilemmas, challenges and experiences that researchers have encountered and grappled with, in studies of all kinds from large scale, experimental studies to ethnographic studies focused on just a handful of children. The chapters are written by researchers working with children in different classroom contexts around the world and highlight how ethical dilemmas and tensions take on a complex form in child-focused research, requiring researchers to pay particular attention to the social and cultural norms of the different communities within which children are educated as well as their school-based experiences. The book comprises three sections, with the first part focused on involving children as active participants in research; part two on ethical challenges in multilingual contexts and part three on links between teacher education and researching children. The book includes a critical discussion of the opportunities and challenges associated with applying the UNCRC (1989) document in second language research with children which will be of use to any researcher working in this area. 1e1e36bf2d


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